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I didn’t even see this was written by a man until I finished it. So this guy has the balls to tell women that they have to dress modestly to help men out. Women, you have to dress modestly because men cannot take you seriously otherwise. So no tits or ass showing because you aren’t helping your brothers in Christ. You have to stop men from looking at you like a piece of meat. This mentality pisses me off to no end because it only reinforces rape culture and that women have to prevent men from staring at them. Why not tell men to stop staring at women like a piece of meat and stop disrespecting women? I know these purity pushers are lacking in common sense, but Jesus fucking Christ target your “brothers in Christ” and tell them to stop treating women like a piece of meat instead of telling women to make sure they dress modestly for the men. If you cannot control looking at a woman’s breast, you are the one who needs to change, not her. So fuck you assholes.  

This article is like the very definition of rape culture. It makes me so upset to read it, because, like it is state above, why is it my problem if a dude can’t stop himself from looking at my boobs. No man has the right to tell women they shouldn’t dress in a way that does make them feel good about themselves.

What I see in this article is that this guy is saying, “Men have been given this test of not giving in to temptation, but we don’t really want to do it, so you ladies just cover yourselves up so we don’t have to exercise any willpower.”

Plus, why does the dude act like women don’t feel lust toward hot men? Guys, stop wearing pants that make your butt look nice. Hide those biceps, keep your sexy mustache under wraps!

Religion is very messed up when it comes to respecting women, but articles like this sort of take the cake in terms of making me angry.

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